What Makes Us Jump

Big and Bright Party Rentals is sure to make your next event an absolute success! Our vast selection of slides, bouncers, games, and snacks will keep your friends and family entertained and engaged. It's all about having a good time and making lasting memories, and we will help you achieve that.

The idea of Big and Bright was conceived back when my neighbour invited my wife and five kids (I know!) over to play on his rented 22-foot slide. On that day, I was convinced I needed my own slide. Soon after, I purchased the 27-foot Tropic Thunder and realised my ambition of owning a company. Of course, if you don't go large, you won't go home. So, I managed to put together a competent B&B team that I and now you can rely on. The whole team made the procedure quite straightforward and painless so all clients get is a smooth experience coupled with memories that they cherish forever.

So, once you have placed your order, we promise to take care of the rest. We make sure that each delivery is completed professionally and is always on schedule. B&B’s soul aim is to provide you with the best experience possible. We are available to you and your guests whenever you require our assistance. Whether you're throwing a huge celebration or a simple and cosy birthday celebration, we will help you to add some great vibes to the event. And of course, the parties we throw will undoubtedly be BIG AND BRIGHT!

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